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130t Demag for Kawelke | Vertikal.net

130t Demag for Kawelke | Vertikal.net


German crane rental company Kawelke Kranverleih has taken delivery of a 130 tonne Demag AC 130-5 All Terrain crane.

The five axle AC 130-5 has a 60 metre main boom, while extensions take the maximum tip height to 86.5 metres. The crane is also compact with an overall length of 14.45 metres and an overall width of 2.75 metres, other new features include the IC-1 Plus control system with automatic variable outrigger setup with load charts automatically generated for the actual crane footprint and counterweight setup. The crane will be used for industrial and domestic construction as well as salvage and towing services.

Kawelke Kranverleih’s new Demag AC 130-5

Crane operator Heinz Winter said: “Whether handling, fast setup times or the short outrigger spread – the Demag AC 130-5 offers a whole range of advantages that make it extremely versatile. This is of great importance to us because it means we can react flexibly to all requirements.”

Heinz Winter of Kawelke [L] and Michael Zieger of Demag/Terex

Established in 1974, Kawelke Kranverleih is based in Bobenheim-Roxheim, western Germany. It provides cranes transport and machinery moving services across the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan area and runs a fleet of cranes from 2.7 to 250 tonnes.


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