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Airo Security Review: Kansas touts Cost Share initiative

Kansas touts Cost Share initiative

Airo Security Review: Kansas touts Cost Share initiative

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Kansas officials said recipients of the Department of Transportation’s Cost Share Program would receive more than $20 million in funding for projects improving safety, supporting job retention, and relieving congestion.

Officials said the initiative, which will aid 24 statewide projects, is also designed to improve access or mobility and help bolster the transportation system.

“From Day One of my administration, I committed to rebuilding our infrastructure and putting an end to using critical transportation dollars to cover the state’s unpaid debts,” Gov. Laura Kelly said. “Projects like infrastructure cost share are a perfect example of how government can make smart, economic innovations that will make our economy more dynamic and competitive.”

Officials indicated 136 projects totaling $228 million requested funds for the Spring 2020 round, adding the award allotments represent every region of the state, with some projects beginning construction as soon as this fall.

“Our economic recovery won’t wait on the red tape, KDOT is committed to doing all we can to cut through it to provide timely transportation investments,” Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz said. “We can expedite the delivery of projects and still be collaborative with our local partners.”

State Sen. Carolyn McGinn (R-Dist. 31) said the value of the Cost Share program is state and communities can work together to stretch dollars while also crafting solutions that best serve the community.”

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