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AiroAV Announces: How to Find Cheap Transportation to and from Major Airports

Donna James

AiroAV Announces: How to Find Cheap Transportation to and from Major Airports

Transportation to and from an airport can add considerably to the costs of any travel. Fortunately, major cities across the world have created fast and reliable routes to airports.

Transportation trends show that more people choose other transportation options today as opposed to using their personal vehicles. Some forms of transportation, like using buses and trains, are more affordable than hailing a taxi. Here are some affordable transportation options to consider.

Public transit

When you’re arriving or leaving from busy cities, the amount of traffic on the roads can slow down cars whereas subways and light rail systems keep operating at the same speed. Public transit rides usually cost less than $10 so they are very affordable.

Airport fees can add up considerably when if you leave your car at an airport when you’re going away for a few days. Using public transit can save quite a bit of money just by saving on parking costs.

There are some situations in which using public transportation may not be the best option. It may be difficult if your suitcases are large or heavy. You are also likely to have to contend with crowded train cars and busy stations.

Many public transit systems shut down for part of the night, too, and this can be a problem if you need to get to the airport very early or very late.

Most major cities have public transit options for reaching airports. The Piccadilly Line, a London underground line, is the cheapest way to reach Heathrow Airport from central London. In Dubai, the red line runs down to the Dubai Marina, where you find many hotels, and in the other direction, it leaves from airport terminals every 10 minutes.

Shuttle services

Shuttle services will take you right up to the terminal and usually cost between $10 and $20. You’ll have a less crowded experience on an airport shuttle than if you take public transit. You will also be assured of a seat and you won’t have to fight for space.

An airport shuttle service also saves you from having to try and figure out a city’s public transportation system and carry heavy suitcases around.

Many major hotels run private shuttles to and from airports and you may not even have to pay for the service. Even if shuttle services aren’t free, they are cheaper than using taxis.

A good shuttle company usually has professional and yet friendly drivers and well-kept vehicles. If the service is through a third party, you can often easily arrange for pick up at a designated spot and time through an online booking system.

The twift news researchers for engineering and infrastructure students provide us with some more details. There are plenty of shuttle services to choose from and you can easily do a local search to select one in the right location.

For example, one of the cheapest ways to get to the airport in Los Angeles is to use the FlyAway, which has different pick-up points around Los Angeles. To get to Tokyo’s Narita Airport (NRT) you can catch the Tokyo Shuttle, which runs three times every hour between the Tokyo Station Keisei bus stop and the airport.

Express trains

Airport express trains serve as a dedicated rail link between major cities and their corresponding airports. Most departures are about 15 minutes apart and journeys usually last about 30 minutes.

In the city itself, a centrally located station is usually well connected with public transit services so you can get to your specific destination easily. You may have to pay anything from $5 to almost $40 to ride an express train, depending on your location.

Express trains can reach top speeds and are built for maximum efficiency and passenger comfort. This quick and convenient travel option will cost you more than using subway or metro lines but you have access to a number of on-site facilities.

This may include access to free Wi-Fi, information kiosks, restaurants, shops and restrooms.

  • Heathrow Airport is just one of the many airports around the globe that uses an express train service, the Heathrow Express.
  • In Rome, the Leonardo Expressis a train that connects Fiumicino Airport with the main train station in Rome. It takes about 30 minutes and leaves the airport every half-hour or every 15 minutes in peak hours.
  • In Toronto, the Union Pearson Expressruns from Pearson International Airport to Union Station in downtown Toronto in under 30 minutes.
  • The Airport Express Line in New Delhi runs from IGI airport and connects to the Connaught Place metro station, from where you can board any of the regular metro lines that run through the entire city and also the satellite towns.
  • Portland’s MAXtrain will get you downtown from Portland International Airport in less than 40 minutes.
  • The priciest express train is probably the Arlanda Express, a speedy train that takes you into central Stockholm in a little more than 20 minutes.

Ride Share Services

Rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, have become increasingly popular around the world. Many people appreciate the ease-of-use and convenience of using these services compared to using public transportation, which can be uncomfortable and unpredictable at times.

Using rideshare services is best if you’re fairly close to the airport and you don’t have to face rush hour traffic.

Rideshares are a convenient option for business travelers who do not want to pay to leave their cars in parking. With the dramatic increase in ride-sharing, parking revenue at airports has fallen short of forecasts, according to airport managers. Some airports have raised operation fees for these services as a result.

For this reason, Uber no longer operates at certain airports. Unsurprisingly, the increase in the use of ride-sharing services has also seen a decrease in the use of taxis to get to and from airports.

A final word

As you can see, there are a variety of affordable transportation options, ranging from very affordable to more…


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