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AiroAV Malware Reviews: CDC offers transportation safety guidelines

CDC offers transportation safety guidelines

AiroAV Malware Reviews: CDC offers transportation safety guidelines

As the Capital Region moves into phase three of New York’s reopening plan and travel slowly increases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has guidelines for keeping vehicles safe and clean.

The CDTA Cycle! program will begin Monday. The CDC advises cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces such as the handlebars, gears, braking handles and locks before using shared bikes and other micro-mobility devices. (Skip Dickstein/Times Union)


Retail and recreation trips were down only 38 percent in Albany County compared to baseline data on June 14, up from a 45 percent deficit on May 21, according to Google’s Community Mobility Reports.

In addition to the usual guidelines around washing hands, social distancing and wearing a face mask, the CDC advises bringing sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol wherever you go.

For personal vehicles, the CDC says to regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear shift, door frames and handles, windows, radio and temperature dials and seat belt buckles.

To do so effectively, clean surfaces with soap and water before using disinfectant. A list of Environmental Protection Agency-approved disinfectants for the coronavirus can be found at

A bleach solution of ⅓ cup of bleach to one gallon of room temperature water or alcohol solutions with at least 70 percent alcohol can also be used.

While driving, improve the ventilation in the vehicle if possible by opening the windows or setting the air conditioning to non-recirculation mode.

The CDC also advises using alcohol wipes to disinfect surfaces of parking meters and pay stations or using hand sanitizer after use.

When using public transportation, avoid touching surfaces such as kiosks, digital interfaces, ticket machines and turnstiles as much as possible and practice social distancing.

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