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Businesses, local officials react to OSP shooting

Businesses, local officials react to OSP shooting

Southern Oregon Aspire CEO Debbie Saunders said her workers heard gunshots and saw a physical altercation take place. (KTVL)

In addition to the suspect and Oregon State troopers, the officer-involved shooting on Tuesday has also affected nearby business employees who woke up thinking it was just going to be another ordinary day.

When officers attempted to take 39-year-old Brandon Jones into custody, the Josephine County District Attorney’s Office said there was a physical altercation between Jones and the arresting officers. During the confrontation, Jones attempted to grab an officer’s gun. He was shot and killed by officers.

Southern Oregon Aspire shares a wall with the OSP office in Grants Pass. The organization offers services for developmentally and disabled people.

CEO Debbie Saunders said her workers heard gunshots and saw a physical altercation take place. As her own daughter was present for the Boston Marathon Bombing, she said this incident brought back some unfortunate memories.

“But it’s been a long time, the body was there for a couple of hours and it wasn’t covered so that was very disturbing, I think, for all of us staff and everyone that was involved in it,” Saunders said.

After mass shootings across the country, Saunders said this shooting that happened right next door had more of a heavier impact to her.

“I think because it’s right after all of these shootings over the past weekend, it just really brought home that you never know what’s going to happen,” Saunders said. “Just like that, things can end.”

Saunders said her organization has an emergency plan in place for earthquakes and natural disasters, but now she feels like an active shooter plan is something they’ll have to work on too.

With two prior shootings happening in Grants Pass a few weeks ago, many residents and businesses are on high alert for safety after this third recent incident.

After learning about the shooting, Oregon House Republican Leader Carl Wilson (R-Grants Pass) thanked OSP troopers for their fast response.

“The quick and heroic action of dedicated OSP Troopers saved lives and protected the public today,” Wilson said. “We should pause every day – not just in the wake of a crisis – to appreciate the dedicated and brave first responders in our midst.”


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