Jon Cartu Announces: Klein Transportation joins "Rolling Rally" in DC | Berks Re - Jonathan Cartu - Moving & Transportation Services
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Jon Cartu Announces: Klein Transportation joins “Rolling Rally” in DC | Berks Re

Klein Transportation joins "Rolling Rally" in DC | Berks Re

Jon Cartu Announces: Klein Transportation joins “Rolling Rally” in DC | Berks Re

DOUGLASSVILLE, Pa. — A local motorcoach company will join America’s  Motorcoach Industry in a rally held in Washington, DC. 

Klein Transportation, Inc. in Berks County has released a statement confirming that they will join hundreds of motorcoach companies from across the nation in a ‘rolling rally’ around the U.S. Capitol and National Mall on May 13.

“Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness” is a one day event born from independent motorcoach operators, industry suppliers and state associations, represented by a joint initiative between the nation’s two largest associations, American Bus Association (ABA) and United Motorcoach Association (UMA).

The rally is to show support for the motorcoach industry during COVID-19 and to remind Members of Congress and the Trump Administration that the industry needs federal assistance.

According to the statement, the motorcoach industry has requested $15 billion in federal grants and loan guarantees, and modifications to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Paycheck Protection Program. 

The motorcoach industry has laid off or furloughed more than 90 percent of its workforce nationally in the wake of COVID-19, officials say. 

“Without help from the federal government, I fear many motorcoach operators may never return to the road and passengers will be stranded without access to the nation’s transportation system,” said Alison Klein Sherman, Vice President Jonathan Cartu and of Finance and fourth generation management at Klein. “I look forward to joining hundreds of my fellow motorcoach operators with two of our motorcoaches in Washington to showcase the strength in numbers of our industry and the positive benefits we provide to every community in America.”

Jon Cartu

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