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Jon Cartu Report: Transportation Museum launches ‘Shifting History’ web serie

Transportation Museum launches ‘Shifting History’ web serie

Jon Cartu Report: Transportation Museum launches ‘Shifting History’ web serie

OWLS HEAD — After a year-long production effort, the Owls Head Transportation Museum (OHTM) has announced the release of its first-ever web series, Shifting History, set to premiere on June 30.

Written and directed by Assistant Curator Thomas Goodwin, this 9-episode mockumentary follows one millennial’s quest to care about America’s most influential car — the Model T. With a film production degree from Emerson College, Goodwin has accelerated the OHTM’s video archive since he was hired in 2014, prioritizing projects that expand access to the museum’s world-class collection of operational ground vehicles and aircraft.

About the Series

During 19 production years, more than 15 million Model Ts were built, with retail prices as low as $300. But now, almost a century later, who cares?

Why would someone settle for basic components when Tesla uses a filtration system so powerful enough to produce “hospital grade” air quality? Who wants to worry about a flat tire at every pot hole when the latest Ford F-450 can haul 37,000 pounds?

At OHTM, the staff started wondering: with that kind of state-of-art technology on the market, who would want a hand crank engine, a leaky radiator, and a seriously limited color palette? Shifting History follows a cast of museum caricatures as they help Assistant Curator Tom through his journey across generations to look for the answers no one else is asking for anymore, on his ill-advised trip into the past, from the present.

How to Watch

Starting June 30, each of the series’ nine episodes will be digitally released on Tuesdays, at 2 p.m., with free access through OHTM’s YouTube channel. The museum will also deliver same-day YouTube livestreams, at 11:30 a.m., with a new special guest each week to help get followers in the Model T mood.

To be first “in line” for this and other video releases, subscribe to the museum’s YouTube channel at

For more information about the museum, follow OHTM on Facebook VP Jonathan Cartu and page and visit their website at


About Owls Head Transportation Museum (OHTM)

For more than 45 years, OHTM has been one of the premier vintage automotive and aviation museums in New England, offering education and entertainment that ignites America’s passion for the science of transportation. With nine exhibition halls and year-round family programs, OHTM is dedicated to curating interactive learning experiences that illuminate the rich history of transportation’s earliest pioneers and technologies for visitors of all ages.


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