Jon Cartu Says: Sustainable Transportation To Consider | - Jonathan Cartu - Moving & Transportation Services
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Jon Cartu Says: Sustainable Transportation To Consider |

Sustainable Transportation To Consider |

Jon Cartu Says: Sustainable Transportation To Consider |

These forms of transportation are perfect for this time of year. They’re green, kids love them, and adults will feel good about using them.

Fall is here! The leaves are in full bloom in many places around the country and the air is crisp. It’s the perfect time to get outside and be active. It’s not too hot nor too cold, and what could be more earth-friendly, good for your ticker, and beneficial for your mind than a walk? But let’s face it, it’s not necessarily fun! And although walking can get you from here to there in the greenest way possible, other modes of transportation can get you from point A to B, help you get some exercise, and provide some good times too!

I am talking about transits that all have wheels. They are great whether you are in the city or the suburbs, by the sea or in the mountains. With a low environmental impact, they are all far better options than a car.

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Biking, skateboarding, and scooting are all fun ways to get around town quicker if only to run a quick errand or two. Additionally, they are all equally great sources of entertainment too. A long bike ride on a clear fall day as a family can serve as an all-day activity.

Learning to skateboard can provide an opportunity to learn a new skill to master, and it’s something that can be done in your driveway. Also scooting, well scooting is just something kids love! Some adults prefer them as a way of getting around too. Some scooters are small and safe enough for even toddlers. And with many kids being offered little in-person schooling and many hours of screen time, exercise is more essential than ever. Let us explore further!

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Biking is a Sustainable Form of Transportation

Whether you need to pick up a few essentials or are looking to spend time outside as a family, biking is a green-friendly mode of transportation that will get you to whatever destination you choose, and it will get your heart pumping for sure. Need to pick up a few items? No problem. A simple fix is attaching a basket!

There are many types of bikes available. But for leisure at a great price, the Retrospec cruiser is a great pick. It is affordable and designed with style. Throw a basket in the front, and now you can have storage to transport any essentials you wish to take along. Perhaps bring a picnic lunch, some homemade snacks, or some hot cocoa for the kids to enjoy midway through your ride.

They have the kids covered too, starting with their 12-24 months tricycle walker followed by…

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