Jonathan Cartu Announces: NCSD overhauls transportation rules for students - Jonathan Cartu - Moving & Transportation Services
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Jonathan Cartu Announces: NCSD overhauls transportation rules for students

NCSD overhauls transportation rules for students

Jonathan Cartu Announces: NCSD overhauls transportation rules for students

(Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Natrona County School District has made some revisions to various transportation related policies that apply to schools and students.

The NCSD Board of Trustees approved of the changes during their Monday, Nov. 25 meeting.

Vice Chair Dana Howie explained that the changes were largely to streamline the way the district oversees field trips and activity transportation.

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The following policies saw some revisions:

These policies are inter-related. The “Extended Field Trips” policy section was eliminated and will be covered as a “Standard Operation Procedure” instead.

The “Student Trips” policy simply defines four types of trips:

  • Activity Trip: an activity trip is a trip which includes travel to an activity or sportcompetition with an established season aligned with a WHSSA sanctioned activity or sport.
  • Field Trip: a field trip is a trip which includes travel that is an extension of classroom instruction and is considered part of the regular school session.
  • Extended Trips: a District sponsored activity that occurs outside of a designated season or field trip that occurs when school is not in regular session or in the summer.
  • Non-school District Sponsored Trips: a trip that expressly states that the trip is not in association with any individual school or NCSD.

The “Supervision of Student Trips” policy designates the head principal at each school as the individual responsible for any school trip. Principals can designate other employees to supervise the trips.

The “Private Transportation Use” policy states that parents or students may choose to voluntarily use personal transportation to attend district-sponsored field trips, activities, practices or high school classes if those take place within Casper, Mills, Evansville or Bar Nunn.

Activities outside of the Casper area would require that students travel with their school. Exceptions might be made for Midwest or Poison Spider School or for school-related activities in other parts of the county.

“All student field trips are to have a recognizable educational value and align with the current content standards,” the Student Field Trips policy now reads. “The general purpose of this policy is to include approved student field trip arrangements which are required to follow accompanying administrative regulations that apply to those specific trips.”

Administrative regulations that pertain to Secondary Schools Activity Travel can be found here. Those include regulations in regard to lodging, meals and travel for sports and other activities that students may participate in.


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