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The ‘Stargate’ streaming service is closing shop and moving…

The ‘Stargate’ streaming service is closing shop and moving…

Subscribers who paid for the service — which offered all existing Stargate TV shows and movies, as well as original content — beyond 2019 will receive a refund. When the clock strikes midnight PST on December 31st, the website and its accompanying apps will be taken offline, rendering content like comics and ebooks unavailable. Fans will likely want to plan ahead for the removal of the service’s message boards, as well — there are several Stargate Facebook groups they could relocate to.

New videos are already hitting Stargate Command’s YouTube channel. A re-discovered interview with Brad Wright, co-creator of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe was published just a few days ago. Not all existing shows will make the cut, though; the FAQ page states that “Other content you are accustomed to viewing by logging in on Stargate Command will be available until 12/31/19.” Beyond Dialing Home and Recon, it’s not clear what will make the jump to YouTube, so if you have any shows in your backlog, binge them before they’re gone.

There are hardcore fans for all sorts of media, down to the most obscure genre series. But that doesn’t mean every franchise needs its own streaming service. That said, there is certainly a market for genre-specific services like Shudder or platforms that cater to a certain audience like The Criterion Channel. Stargate may have its fans, but it doesn’t quite have the cachet as a franchise for a dedicated service to stand on its own.


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